the clean light

LED technology is the latest light source created by man. Given the ever increasing need for energy savings, LEDs are the inevitable future of artificial light. Compared to other light sources, this tecnology can be defined as «eco-friendly&aquo; in the way it significantly reduces energetical consumption, and as a consequence, CO2 emissions. When produced with the appropriate quality, LEDs have an almost illimited lifetime, do not need maintenance and do not require substitution.

From a design standpoint, this is a light source that favors expression through essential forms and allows exploring new ways without constraints. With LEDs it becomes easier to fully exploit every dynamic constituents of the light itself, and explore its fundamental characteristics and «fantastic» extensions well beyond the limits imposed by the «bulb» shape of other light sources. Furthermore, LEDs produce lighting levels similar to those of the other sources, but with only 10% of their electrical energy consumption. Today, LED technology has reached a very advanced state. The lighting power produced by these tiny components is surprising; considering this is an emerging technology, who knows what it will reach tomorrow.

But even more surprising is the quality of the emitted light. A clean, meditative and relaxing light. A light which not only lowers the energy consumption, but above all eases up the tensions in the lighted space. A magical and magnetic light to say the least. Those who have observed and lived with this light all agree: the result is magical, magnificent, relaxing.