accent lighting

Instead of a light spreaded randomly and without proportion in all directions, accent lighting can create customized ambiances, juxtaposing bright areas and shadow, enhancing architectural details and background, all this with considerable energy savings. Nothing of the beam of light is wasted because the light is concentrated and used with a specific purpose.

In accent lighting the light is aimed at a specific portion of area to highlight profiles, dimensions, shapes and lines in a precise and selective way. Lights of different colors can be directed to the same illuminated area to create nice decorative contrasts and color combinations, that can be applied to interior walls in houses , offices, shops or nightclubs, or to external facades of buildings and monuments. These effects may be achieved using adjustable spotlights or swivel headlights allowing to adjust precisely the direction and inclination of the light beam.

In addition to decorative purposes, accent lighting can be used to attract attention on targeted products in shop windows and displays. The light beam is usualy created by adjustable spotlights pointed on items on display and used to emphasize their best features. LED light can be directly aimed at sensitive products because it does not contain heats, and does not ruin fabrics and colors.

Spotlights and swivel headlights can also used to project adjustable light on work areas. With obvious advantages in terms of accuracy and working comfort.

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