Architecture of light

There is more to light than lux and lumens.

liki liki design specializes in providing complete LED solutions for residential, technical and contract lighting. First and foremost, we see ourselves as selling light, not luminaires. This approach, which places the immaterial nature of light above the physical nature of the luminaires, is the trademark of our work.

Making good architecture better through the right lighting is how we see our contribution and the grounding of our activities

Lighting solutions

We develop economical and ecological visionary solutions that shine for a long time.

Today, liki liki design provides lighting solutions for retail, restaurants, trade fair stands, private houses and more. Our lighting solutions includes control systems and luminaires to help realize complete lighting concepts.

Irrespective of whether an architectural concept emphasizes functionality or presentation, our motivation is always to find a solution that does justice to the specific use and architectural features of each project.

Language of light

We make lighting pleasing and successful.

Whether lighting a museum, a boutique or a house, there is always a «language of light». This concept evolving over several decades is now a means for analyzing and structuring lighting projects. The three basic categories of this «language» - ambient lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting - go back to the American Richard Kelly, a pioneer of lighting design. Experience shows that lighting is considered to be pleasing and successful when all three components - ambient lighting, accent lighting and task lighting - are harmoniously present.

Reinterpreting space

Used in a dramatic way, light becomes an active shaper of the spaces experience.

Space can be defined and continually reinterpreted with light. Looking for example at walls and other vertical surfaces, it soon becomes apparent that these are crucial for how architecture is perceived. Illuminated walls enable the shape and dimensions of a room to be appraised and cause the entire space to appear bright. A wall illuminated with perfect uniformity produce an almost immaterial effect. Objects such as photos, posters or paintings can be optimally viewed.

Lighting tools

We add value through quality and competence.

The planning and application of light plays a central role in the design of the visual environment. Good lighting provides the basis for an optimum perception of space. It provides conditions for effective work and for reliable orientation. It influences our wellbeing and creates the aesthetic effect in a room or space.

We consider each luminaire to be a lighting tool with a special practical purpose. This approach is reflected in the design of our products which can be combined in the best possible way through the design process.