Lighting philosophy

There is more to light than lux and lumens.

By adding light to any environment we are changing the space in which we move and creating new perceptions of the landscape and atmosphere.

Because of its ability to mold surfaces and volume, as well as its capacity to structure and define space, light becomes an effective and incisive construction material.

Lighting in context

Good lighting cannot be designedoutside its environment.

Since colors and surfaces affect the lighting of a space, good lighting cannot be designed without considering the characteristics of the environment itself.

  • Our first rule is to use the light to guide the perceptual process, leveraging its ability to «underline» the space. The light becomes the channel between the object and its shape, modulating its contours and adjusting its limits with drama.
  • Our second rule is to use the power of dynamic light, taking advantage of the surfaces and reflections to enrich the perception of architectonical volume with infinite possibilities of modulation.

Light is material

Colours, shapes, structures. Light can do more than just light things up. Light is an initiator.

At liki liki we believe artificial light is a material which helps emphasize the lines of architecture or change the perception of an object by giving them that magic touch they would not have otherwise.