There is more to light than lux and lumens.

We allow the designers and architects decide what works best with their projects.

We help you create perfectly contextualized LED lighting solutions and we provide recommendations and valued specifications. We focus on making sure your project brings exclusive, innovative and value added lighting enhancements to your customer, and apply the latest approach and LED technologies in the best possible way.


Colours, shapes, structures. Light can do more than just light things up. Light is an initiator.

We help you design dynamic and thematic lighting installations and plan the associated lighting control systems.

We make sure your project integrates lighting to architecture coherently with the context and objectives of the project, and in agreement with the artistic vision of the various participants. If you require exclusive LED lighting fixtures not available on the market, we will help you design them and make them a reality.


We develop economical and ecological visionary solutions that shine for a long time.

As LED technology develops, sophisticated systems require more technical expertise than most contractors are accustomed to providing.

We develop complete plans for layout and system integration to make sure you get the best system for your project. For the more complex cases, we can offer mock up demonstrations to make sure all fixtures are working properly before final installation. We will do the homework so you do not have to.


Used in a dramatic way, light becomes an active shaper of the spaces experience.

We help you develop state of the art lighting visual effects.

We can update programming, develop new programming or work with you to get the programming the project needs using our high end control systems.


We add value through quality and competence.

Let us help integrate the best choice for your project. It is our task to know what works and what does not. We ensure the technology is sound and what you specify is not marketing hype but the real thing.

We offer top quality design LED fixtures and control products for sale to industry contractors and electrical distributors. Our manufacturers choice is extremely selective to ensure the highest quality.